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We know that you work hard to provide shelter so if a tree is threatening that safety, it’s time to call us. When you need a York tree service, contact us today. 

Call Warner Bros Tree Service in York, PA to keep your home’s trees trimmed. We can help keep your property’s curb appeal and keep your home safe. Just give us a call. 

Why York Tree Service?

Why choose Warner Bros as your York, PA, tree service? 

We are a family-owned and operated service company with a passion for trees. With careful and professional tree trimming service, Warner Bros is proud to serve York and surrounding areas. 

We place a high value on the overall customer experience and are proud to be affordably priced. We also pride ourselves on being punctual and reliable. Call your favorite York Tree Service today. 


Warner Bros Tree Trimming & Removal offers a full range of tree care services in York, PA, including emergency tree removal, professional tree trimming, tree risk assessment, stump grinding, tree stump removal, and more.

Beyond all of this, the number one service on our list is ensuring that you are treated like family. From your first phone call to many years later, you can call on us for all of your tree care needs. You can rest knowing you are going to be well taken care of with any of these services:

Tree Service | Tree Removal | Tree Trimming | Emergency Tree Removal | Tree Stump  | Removal and Grinding | Tree Cutting

York Tree Service

            York Tree Service

As the premier providers of York tree service in PA, we are a team of professionals who love what we do. With many years of combined experience, Warner Bros Tree Trimming & Removal is a name you can trust. The people throughout our service areas become loyal customers. Our York, PA, arborists are also very well trained when it comes to tree fall risk assessment.

York Tree removal

            Tree Removal

If you have a dead tree, fall risk tree, or simply a diseased tree give Warner Bro’s Tree Trimming a call.

Our highly trained tree removal team will remove the problem tree in question safely while taking care to protect your property. 

York Tree trimming

York Tree Trimming

The arborists here at Warner Bros see the tree trimming for what it truly is – an art form. Sculpting branches not only makes the entire tree look stunning, but our tree trimming experts also aim to encourage future growth.

Our years of expertise also ensures that we don’t trim too much or in places that could harm the tree’s overall health. This ensures that your home’s foliage stays as a vibrant feature of your property.

York Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal

Our York Tree Service is available 24/7 for any kind of emergency. Our expert emergency tree removal team is always on standby and ready to help. We work quickly to remove the hazardous tree and ensure the safety of your family and property is our top priority.

Whether you are dealing with a tree that has fallen on your roof during a nasty storm or one that is on it’s way down, Warner Bros is the local tree contractor that is here to save the day.

York Stump Grinding Removal

Stump Grinding & Removal

Tree stump removal and tree stump grinding are two of our services designed to make your life easier and your property more appealing. An inconveniently placed tree stump can be more than just a trip hazard. Tree stumps can also be havens for pests such as ant colonies and termites that can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. Call York Tree Service today. 

Tree stump removal is a one-time solution to all of the issues that can arise from having an unwanted tree stump at your home. Our stump grinding service is also an affordable option.

York tree cutting

Tree Cutting

If you want to leave a tree stump on your property after calling us to remove a tree, you can choose our tree cutting service to make that happen. Our experts can bring the tree down carefully. We take extra care to chop the tree into manageable pieces that can be recycled for firewood, mulch for lawn care, or any number of other uses.

As with our York tree service, our cutting service is one we take very seriously as it relates to keeping your home and property safe during the entire process.

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Warner Bros Tree Trimming & Removal is the top-rated York tree service in York, PA. We would love to get to know you and your family and prove why we are highly recommended by our customers. Please contact us today to speak with an expert arborist in York, Pennsylvania.

Our clients continue to choose us for the best York Tree Services!

I never knew that having a recurring tree trimming service could make such a difference in how our home looks from the street. The team at Warner Bros are super friendly and take the time to get to know you. A low cost for tree trimming service! Thanks, guys!

Phillip S.

After a dead tree fell on our roof during a storm, I was in a panic! The crew from Warner Bros arrived faster than I expected, and to my surprise, were more concerned with how we were than they were just to get right to work! Problem solved! This is a tree care company that does it right!
Amy L.

After retiring and trying to remove a stump in our yard on my own unsuccessfully over a few weeks, I decided to give Warner Bros a call. I was so impressed by how fast they removed the old stump that I decided to hire them to trim my trees. I couldn’t be happier.
Tom F.